Celebrating 30 years of care

Glencarron Nursing Home is a family operated care facility and was founded by Proprietors Mr. Brendan Liddy and Mrs. Bridget Liddy.

We began operating as a Residential Home in 1987 and just three years later in 1990 we undertook a massive expansion programme and opened a modern purpose built Nursing Home to accommodate 24 Residents.

We became the largest employer in south Armagh and in 1997 we further extended our facility to accommodate a further 18 residents bringing our total number of residents to 44 with a workforce of 64 employees.

A major refurbishment of Glencarron Nursing Home began in 0ctober 2010 and finished in January of 2011. We now offer the ultimate in modern care for our Residents. Bedrooms are attractively decorated and offer stunning views over the countryside, all residents avail of the latest safety features such as electric profiling beds and pressure relief mattress, 24hr Nursing Care and the latest care aids to promote resident independence. We offer a stimulating environment which also exceeds the latest infection control standards while ensuring our residents live in a homely environment.

We strive for improvement and have recently acquired planning permission for yet another extension to accommodate a further 30 residents offering en-suit facilities. This will bring our total number of beds to seventy four and enhance our employee levels to 96 this will ensure that we offer the best nursing care to the local aging population.

Glencarron Nursing Home

Proprietor's record of achievement

Mr. Brendan & Bridget Liddy have recently celebrated 30 years as proprietors of Glencarron Nursing Home.

We had one simple mission to create and ensure that people in the surrounding area could access a care facility which was local and provided support to a rural community.

Families would no longer have to travel a round trip of 40 miles if a family member required full nursing care. It also offered the opportunity for local people to access employment and work together to support an aging population.

Brendan and Bridget worked seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year to ensure the best possible care was provided to residents. To this day Glencarron Nursing Home presents as a modern facility with no cost spared to ensure the company remains a market leader.

A personal touch is a contributing factor to achieving success and to this day Brendan and Bridget oversee the management of Glencarron Nursing Home.

An experienced manager and deputy manager are also employed to ensure that we remain up to date with all new developments in the care sector.

Also in support are Brendan and Bridget's family to ensure that the values and beliefs of Glencarron Nursing Home continue.

Glencarron Nursing Home
Glencarron Nursing Home

Philosophy for Residents Care

This is our Residents Home, it is where they live, and our Residents come first, we place residents needs ahead of our own to ensure they receive the best medical attention while continuing to promote our residents independence.

Our aim is to ensure our residents are treated as part of a family, that no-one should feel alone, that we support a person whom is coming to terms with the aging process.

We pride ourselves on the history we have of offering comfort, a shoulder to cry on and a warm smile to all our residents and their families while providing a professional nursing environment.

We treat all residents as an individual, we constantly access the needs of residents to ensure consistent care.

We count families as part of our team, this ensures we really get to know the residents, what their likes and dislikes are, we spend time with families explaining care documentation and offering support to any changes in condition. We operate an open door policy were families can have informal chats with senior management in relation to any concerns they may have.

We are committed to ensure that our residents live in a stimulating environment and we provide a wide range of activities at different times of the day in a group setting or for an individual.

We must not rest on our laurels, we must continue to update and train our staff in new techniques to ensure improvement and ensure the needs of our residents are met fully.

Glencarron Nursing Home


We at Glencarron Nursing Home understand the trauma that families are subjected to when a decision must be made for a mother, a father or a loved one to avail of 24hr nursing care. We strive to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible.

We provide visits to the residents home so a pre-admission assessment can be completed to find as much information as possible on likes and dislikes and medical history, this also provides a friendly face to a resident on their admission day.

We support families, ensuring that their feelings and views are of importance.

We work with healthcare professionals to ensure that all information is processed and completed.

We offer an open door policy to families for visits.

We will provide all necessary support for you to be able to take your family member on outings, if it be Sunday Lunch or for a family wedding.

We like to see families spending time together. We offer husbands and wives the chance to have Sunday dinner together in Glencarron Nursing Home.

We like for families to decorate bedrooms with personal possessions.

We wish for you to avail of Glencarron Nusing Home as an extension of your family Home.

Care and Registration

We are currently registered with the R.Q.I.Q (regulation quality and improvement authority) for the Care of the Elderly, Physical Disability under the age of 65, Physical Disability over the age of 65 and EMI. We have also submitted registration for Day Care.We are also registered as a provider of care in the Republic of Ireland. This means we can accept Clients from the Republic of Ireland and arrange for registration with the local trusts and G.P. practises.

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Inside the Nursing Home

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